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New results

Hex-Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells

We are investigating hex-Ge/SiGe quantum wells for quantum well lasers and as a first step towards hex-Ge/SiGe quantum dot single photon emitters.

 (a) Schematic of a hex-Ge/SiGe multiple quantum well grown around a wurtzite GaAs core (blue). (b) Cross sectional high-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy image of a hex-Ge/SiGe multiple quantum well. (c) Photoluminescence of a single hex-Ge/SiGe quantum well.


Observation of stimulated emission in hex-SiGe

Our research is focused towards the demonstration of a hex-SiGe nanolaser. We presently have clear proof that hex-SiGe shows strong stimulated emission.

Preliminary result showing the conversion of the spontaneous emission spectrum (blue) of hex-SiGe into a stimulated emission spectrum (black).